Big Bushy Beards- Gruff Beard Stuff

I thought it was about time I actually blogged about something beard related instead of just posting photos of my face warmer what with the blogs title!!

What can I say I’m follicially gifted, what was once a curse of constant 5 o’clock shadow soon turned to a blessing once beards became an item on many modern mans wish list. Gone are the associations with hippies and hobos being the only ones to sport a chin tickler and now top sportsman too world class business men alike embrace nature and let their facial hair flourish. Some see this beard growing phenomenon as a fad, a blip on the pop fashion radar, but I see it as more than that, something here to stay. Men being men and by all accounts most women seem pretty happy with this decision.

You may have decided to grow yourself some glorious facial hair, you’ve got past the nagging itchy stage and are used to looking into the mirror and seeing a burly handsome chap looking back at you. You enjoy the comments on your beard and girls can’t help but come and cop a feel. You feel manly!

It is now imperative that you take proper care of your of your new friend. A wise man once said “look after your beard and you will never be alone”. Some are naturally lucky and theirs will grow perfectly evenly with never a hair out of place, others like me have rather more stubborn beards which, unless living alone in the outback, require a small amount of coercing in order to remain respectable in society. Trimming and combing will get you so far but in order to really “up your beard game” you’ll eventually discover to need for some perfectly manly male beard grooming products.

Last week I was lucky enough to try some Gruff Beard oil and balm, I’ve long realised the benefits of beard oil and was excited to try this family ran Welsh based companies products. On opening my well packed parcel I was treated to a beautifully branded bottle of oil and a small pot of beard balm.

On unscrewing the lids my suspicions were confirmed…..both smell amazing, Tea Tree and Peppermint beard balm and their newest fragrance, Sweet Orange, Mint & Coconut oil. Both can be used separately and only a small amount is required meaning they’ll last ages. I’ve also combined the two using some balm first to get some control of my whiskers followed by a little oil. You can the brush through with a comb or ruff it up with your hands for a more natural look. They’re both a lovely sweet fragrance which will last all day without being over powering. Not only do the oil and balm help tame your mane but the ingredients also help to keep your beard well nourished leading to a healthier, more manly and well maintained beard.

If your serious about your beard then you need to be serious about your beard health check out the great Gruff Beard products at

Adam and Nic at Gruff Beards set out to produce a great quality and affordable product for the discerning gentleman and they’ve certainly done that.

“We know that growing an awesome beard takes time and commitment.  Being bearded is a way of life and too many a potential beard has been lost to the razor. It is our hope that with quality ingredients and a genuine enthusiasm for male grooming, we can make growing a healthy and luxurious beard a reality.”


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